Black Seed Herbal Tea - 20 Bags - Healing Teas

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Black Seed Herbal Tea - 20 Bags
The warmth and aromatic comfort of tea meet the incredible power of black seeds in this Black Seed Herbal Tea. The tea is infused with the bright, sweet flavor of peppermint and green tea so you get a delicious flavor and appealing scent. Peppermint is known to calm upset stomachs, reduce headaches, improve memory and relieve stress and that is just the flavor! The black seed is even more beneficial.

What are the benefits of the black seeds in the tea? Black seeds is rich in vitamins B1, B2, and B3 as well as calcium, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorus. It actually contains over 100 healing compounds. With all of that packed into black seeds it is no wonder that they are know to add luster to your hair, reduce hair loss, fight allergies and nasal congestion, fight bacterial and fungal infections, boost your immune system, lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help with digestive problems and fight cancer. Get important health benefits that may be missing from your everyday diet and sip some black seed herbal tea today! M-470


Black seed illicium - a medium-sized evergreen tree

Cardamom- seeds of several plants is used in the making of this spice

Fennel- a hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves

Green Tea- a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves

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