Bonne-Bouche Norwegian Style Stockfish Bits - Loads of Calcium & Iron - Long-lasting - (De-Hydrated Fish) - 12oz


Amazingly rich in Calcium, Iron, and B-Vitamins, Fresh Dried Stockfish is versatile and
easy to prepare quickly -- just soak in water to bring to its original weight, then cook any way you like. Bring nutritious fishy deliciousness to any meal instantly.

Fresh dried stockfish is made from any of a species of a certain type of salt-water fish that has been de-hydrated completely.  Think Cod, Haddock, Sey, Tusk or similar fish.

During a lengthy yet natural drying process (sometimes up to four months) the fish acquires a unique flavor distinct from its original flesh. This period naturally seals in many vitamins and other nutrients in a highly condensed way, yet without needing salt or other added preservatives.  Stockfish earns its name in part because it can last indefinitely. 

  • Very nutritionally rich, often many times that of the original fresh fish.

  • Incredibly rich in Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin B.

  • To prepare, simply soak the fish till it returns to its pre-dehydrated weight, then cook as normal.

  • Makes a delightful and nutritious addition to stews, soups, even rice dishes such as pilafs.

  • An easy, creative way to add a seafood flavor to any sauce or recipe.
  • Fry, grill, cream, stew your Stockfish -- the only limit is your imagination. 


Fun way to WOW your guests:
Prepare Stockfish lightly creamed and serve cold on a cucumber slice or cracker as a seafood hors d'oeuvre!


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