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Cafe Touba Bakhdad
  • Cafe Touba is the most popular coffee in Senegal and West African Countries
  • With its smooth spicy flavor, this Senegalese coffee has a warm, earthy smell.
  • Serve it hot and add sugar as you like. Milk is traditionally not added. It is mostly enjoyed all day long

Cafe Touba could be a spicy, peppery, and intense coffee that hails from Senegal. it's made with coffee beans that are roasted and ground up with grains of Selim (Xylopia Aethioopica)—also referred to as Guinea pepper, Kani pepper, Kili pepper, or djar—a spice often used rather than pepper.

Touba coffee is invigorating and is usually employed in Senegal as a medicinal drink, which mixes the anti-oxidant properties of the coffee with those of the Guinean pepper.

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