Clearly Natural Unscented Soap - 4 oz. - African Soaps

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This unscented glycerine bar soap hydrates the skin without any skin-irritating fragrances for those with sensitive skin. It protects and maintains skin's pH balance while rinsing clean and leaving no sticky residue.
Get nourished, beautiful skin with this Clearly Natural Unscented Soap. Glycerin has a number of benefits for your skin. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It removes excess oil and doesn’t clog pores. It is nourishing and moisturizing. It hydrates dry skin. This soap is unscented and free of strong perfumes and dyes that trigger allergies. It helps achieve an ideal Ph balance. Start improving your skin today with this clearly natural unscented soap.

Ingredients: Glycerin, saponified coconut, palm and/or palm kernel oils, vegetable (coconut/corn/sugar) -derived surfactants, humectants, sodium citrate.
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