GhanaFresh Palmnut Cream Concentrate - 800g


GhanaFresh's Palm Cream gives you the base of delicious palm nut soup in the convenience of a can of creamy palm nut fruit. None of the hard work, all of the nutritious, great taste.  

The palm oil in the soup is known to be rich in vitamin K and magnesium. Palm oil's health benefits also include anti-aging and heart-health benefits.

Try Palm Cream in Palm Nut / Palmnut soup or in your own way:

  • Use as a replacement for a marinara sauce with meatballs over spaghetti or
  • Add an adventurous nutty taste to the flavor-base of your favorite stew


This delicious African food - concentrated soup or sauce from the palm nut fruit is incredibly highly rich in nutritional value.

Palmnut Cream is prepared from palm fruit pulp, water, and salt. 

In African nations such as Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, and others in the region, Palm Nut Soup is a beloved delicacy and a frequent item on a family's menu. 

The start of the lengthy process of making palm nut soup is the incredibly labor-intensive process of pounding the palm nut fruit in order to release its pulp.  Not only is this difficult, time-consuming work, but it requires skill to avoid breaking the kernel.

The palm nut fruit is then simmered slowly, adding in spices, meats (both surf and turf, dried and fresh), and selected greens all cooked to perfection.  The final soup is thick, spicey, and reddish-brown in hue.

Here, GhanaFresh has done almost all the work of preparing the base of the palm soup for you!

Just season with spice to taste, cook with meats of your choice, and simmer till done.






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