Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk

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Make your special recipes creamier with the Carnation Vitamin D Added Evaporated Milk. Made from milk with half the water removed, it is thicker and creamier than milk, and its low-fat content makes it a perfect replacement for cream in your favorite recipes. As a source of vitamins D3 and C, this evaporated milk will be a great choice for making delicious meals and treats. The Carnation evaporated milk is available in a convenient 12-ounce can. Carnation Vitamin D Added Evaporated Milk: Kosher dairy Real

Elevate your favorite recipes with Nestlé Carnation Vitamin D Added Evaporated Milk. As a substitute for drinking milk in both sweet and savory recipes, Carnation Evaporated Milk has been a kitchen staple for cooks and bakers for years, and our evaporated milk with vitamin D added has the benefit of additional vitamins. Carnation Evaporated Milk is expertly formulated to deliver a rich and creamy texture in a wide variety of recipes. When used as a drinking milk substitute in your favorite recipes, guests are sure to ask for second (and third!) helpings. Whether you are baking a cake, making a spicy curry or are cooking up a creamy soup, Carnation Evaporated Milk will help you to achieve mouthwatering results.

  • Create creamy, rich, treasured family favorites for generations
  • Perfect for both savory and sweet recipes; just add Nestlé Carnation evaporated milk to your morning coffee, favorite pasta sauce or even your smoothie. The possibilities are endless!
  • A source of vitamin D, so your favorite recipes have the added benefit of additional vitamins
  • A pantry staple for more than 100 years, Carnation evaporated milk is shelf stable so it doesn't need to be refrigerated until it has been opened
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