African Fresh Bitter Kola Nut - Cola Acuminata - Authentic Nutritious KOLA Nuts - 1 Lb


Incredibly nutrient-dense and effective at treating a great variety of ailments. Wellness benefits similar to those of coffee and green tea.   Eat Bitter Kola Nuts raw just the way they are often consumed in Africa or toast them and add to other foods. Bitter at first taste, they become sweeter when chewed.



African Fresh Organic BITTER KOLA (Garcinia Kola, also Cola Acuminata), 1 Lb.

Bitter Kola Nut is named after the nut from an evergreen flowering plant found in Central and Western Africa.  Bitter at first taste, it becomes sweet as it is chewed.

Kola Nuts have been used in traditional African medicine for centuries. Recent scientific research on the amazing number of benefits has revealed why.

Here are a few of the impressive wellness and medicinal benefits of eating Kola Nuts:

  • help fight infections -- from the common cold to hepatitis
  • reduce inflammation due to high levels of potassium
  • provides high levels of Vitamin C and minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, naturally occurring caffeine 
  • boosts energy, boosts metabolism, increases circulation
  • aids digestion
  • provides asthmatic relief
  • similar health benefits to coffee and green tea
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