RuuKoo International - Prekese – (Aidan Fruit) - 100% Natural Seasoning & Flavoring - Spice

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Try this all-natural herbal as a unique spice or flavoring for both food and drinks. Infuse it into the cooking process and benefit from its numerous health properties.

Savor a taste of Ghana without leaving home. Prekese or Aidan Fruit from Ghana is most often used in a soup, or at times made into a drink. 

It is also well-known as a medicinal plant. Boiled and made into a soup, Prekese is used to prevent the growth of bacteria, to inhibit certain types of ulcers, to reduce hypertension, to help with circulation and even help manage asthma.  

Prekese has a somewhat sweet aroma. Its taste can be described as slightly sweet and tangy.

Add boiled Prekese to meats such as lamb or venison during the cooking process and enjoy its infusion of luxurious flavor to each dish. The many health benefits will be a welcome bonus to the entire meal. Also try using Prekese as a nice spike of spice in cocktails and other drinks of your choice. 


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