Tropiway Cocoyam Fufu Flour - 24oz


Fufu Flour is a specialty flour specifically formulated to produce fufu, a close resemblance of dumpling. It can also be used for frying meats, fish and poultry as well as thickening gravy, soup or stew. Fresh tropical produce such as plantain, cocoyam (Ghanaian word for edo, taro or tubers of the elephant's ear plant) and cassava are processed and turned into powder. These are blended together in the manufacture of Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour and Tropiway Cocoyam Fufu Flour.


Tropiway®  Fufu Flour products are so uniquely formulated and manufactured under strict U.S. government health code making them the consumer's favorite in all specialty food markets around the world.

Tropical Foods Co., Inc. has modern production facilities with state of the art, hi-tech equipment to cater for an ever increasing demand and also has the capability to undertake contract packaging of other powdered food products for human consumption for other companies. The premises are inspected and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (Reg# 3003742974) and South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

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