Iya Foods Cassava Flour All Natural Gluten-free, Non-GMO African Cassava (Yuca) Flour, 5lb


Cassava flour is made from 100% natural premium farm-grown and responsibly harvested cassava -- a nourishing root vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals.

Iya Cassava Flour is prepared using the most healthful methods ensuring it is perfect for those with food sensitivities: certified gluten-free, verified Non-GMO, and free of grain. Great for the Paleo diet and plant-based lifestyle, cassava flour makes an excellent replacement for wheat flour.  




An excellent alternative to wheat, oat or barely flour, Iya Cassava Flour is great for cooking, baking pastries, bread, crepes, waffles, muffins and more. 

The subtle flavor does not overwhelm; it can be used in place of wheat flour in any recipe. Amazingly versatile, it can produce a wide variety of textures from moist cakes to flaky pastry to thick breads and brownies.

  • Wholesome and natural, Iya Cassava Flour is additive- and preservative-free because it is made from cassava (also known as yuca) harvested the same day.
  • No bleach, ferment or artificial additives.
  • You get to enjoy 100% of the nutrients naturally occurring in cassava which include minerals like Thiamine, Phosphorus, and Calcium.
  • Naturally vegan, cassava flour is excellent for Paleo and plant-based diets, and anyone looking to expand cooking and baking options beyond wheat.
  • Excellent for getting all the plant-based goodness directly from this whole root vegetable.
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IngredientsAfrican Cassava
BrandIya Foods
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