Pine Cinnamon Incense = 120 Sticks

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Pine Cinnamon Incense = 120 Sticks - Incense
The earthy, refreshing scent of a pine forest in the winter is combined with the mouth-watering, spicy, sweet scent of cinnamon in this Pine Cinnamon Incense It is a fragrance that bring together two classic holiday scents, like sitting near a Christmas tree while holiday treats bake in the oven, their delicious scent wafting through the house The scent is sure to relive stress and tension It will banish negative thoughts and boost your mood It will stimulate your appetite and increase your energy It helps with mental focus and clarity It is a great scent for aromatherapy when used in a burner or diffuser It also makes a great scent for candles, soaps and lotions M-984
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